"Your journey begins the moment your workouts turn into training sessions"

Private Basketball Training

Interested in scheduling one-on-one private or Semi-Private training sessions to help re-define your skills? Complete the form below so we can contact you to discuss your needs.

Semi-Privates (In Person)
Price : $55 Per Player/1Session (2-6 Players max) (See Form Below)


$200 for 4 sessions (All sessions must be used within 45 days no rollovers)


$360 for 8 sessions (All sessions must be used in 7​5 days no rollovers)

$480 for 12 sessions (All sessions must be used in 100 days no rollers)

  • Semi Privates are scheduled and organized based upon player skill level and age

  • Players will have the opportunity to receive detail training based upon weaknesses and strength in all areas of the game.

  • 1 Full hour in length

Private 1 on 1 (In Person)
Price : $135 Per Session (1 Player)

$ 440 for 4 sessions

  • Privates are scheduled based up availability (6 days of week)

  • Players will have the upon to receive detailed training based up weaknesses and strengths in all areas of their games.

  • Mentoring,  confidence building are heavily emphasized to maximize the players potential

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